Commercial-Grade Pipe Freeze Protection
In cold locations, thermal insulation alone cannot keep pipes free-flowing or fully protect pipes and fuel lines from freezing. XL-Trace self-regulating heating cables prevent the fluids in plastic and metal pipes from freezing and maintain correct flow temperatures for oil.
Better Than Conventional Heat Tapes
XL-Trace heaters feature two important product characteristics that give you much more performance than heat tapes:
The conductive polymer core regulates the power output in response to the pipe temperature.
bullet No overheating and no burnout of heater due to overlapping.
bullet Energy saving—XL-Trace heater changes power output to match heat loss, supplying heat only when and where needed.
Parallel circuitry
Current flows between the two bus wires independently at each point along the heater, allowing the heater to be cut to the exact length needed on the pipe.
Maximizes Design Flexibility
bullet Can be cut-to-length in the field.
bullet T-splice where needed.
bullet Powered at 110-120 volts or 208-277 volts.
bullet Ideal for small projects and for complex systems.
bullet Can be used for extension of existing systems and for repair.
bullet Does not require thermostatic controls.
Easy to Install
bullet Cut from the spool on site.
bullet No cable wasted.
bullet Flat and flexible, XL-Trace cable is easy to handle and adapts to the pipe for efficient surface heat transfer.
bullet Installs quickly, even at -40°F.
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