System Model Number


System Design Flow Rate


System Design Pressure


System Piping Size


Minimum Suction Pressure


System Electrical Voltage


System Electrical Phase and Frequency


Pump Model Number


Pump Capacity (GPM)


Pump Total Head (Feet)


Pump Horsepower


Pump RPM


System Full Load Amperage


  1. Simplex water pressure booster system as designed and fabricated by Barrett Engineered Pumps. The system shall be a completely prefabricated system with pump, piping, electrical and structural elements.
  2. Pump shall be single stage end suction close coupled centrifugal, cast iron bronze fitted construction, equipped with mechanical shaft seal, back pullout design. Impeller shall either be keyed and locked to the shaft with a hex head impeller nut and washer or shall be threaded directly to the end of the shaft. Pump shaft shall either be high strength S.A.E. 1045 carbon steel protected in the stuffing box area by a replaceable bronze shaft sleeve or shall be stainless steel with no sleeve. Pump shall be directly coupled to a C-face electric motor.
  3. Electric motor shall be of the squirrel cage induction type suitable for full voltage starting. Motor shall be ODP to aid in cooling. Electric motor shall be rated for continuous service. The motor bearings shall be of such size that the average life rating is no less than three (3) years (10,000 hours) of B10 life. The motor shall have horsepower ratings such that the motor will carry the maximum possible load to be developed under the designed pumping conditions and not overload the motor beyond the nameplate rating of the motor. Motor shall have a 1.15 service factor. The motor shall conform to the latest NEMA Standards for motor design and construction.
  4. Pump Control Panel shall have a NEMA 4X plain front non-metallic enclosure with padlock latches. Includes power and control resetable thermal circuit breakers, heavy duty magnetic starter with adjustable overload protection, Hand-Off-Auto switch to select mode of operation, and heavy duty numbered terminal strips for power and control wiring lead terminations.
  5. Metal oxide varistor protected pump start relay(s) incorporated in panel to start pump with signal from each irrigation controller.
  6. All system piping shall be type "L" copper. All fittings shall be copper or brass, with unions or flanges to allow for system disassembly or major component removal. System shall incorporate an integral full pipe size bypass line with check valve to allow for pump removal and repair without disrupting water supply to system.
  7. Isolation valves shall be all brass quarter turn ball valves with hard chrome ball on lines 2" and less. Isolation valves shall be lug style butterfly valves with Buna-N elastomeric seats, ductile iron nickel coated disc, and stainless steel stem with handle and 10 position galvanized memory plate on lines 2" and greater.
  8. Check valves shall be all brass spring loaded disc style with metal-backed Teflon wafer disc, stainless steel stem and spring on lines 2" and less. Check valves shall be cast iron bronze fitted wafer style silent check with spring loaded bronze disc, bronze guide shaft, stainless steel spring and replaceable bronze seat on lines 2" and greater.
  9. Gauges shall be 2" diameter face, glycerin filled with stainless casing and brass internals. Gauges shall be equipped with brass isolation petcocks.
  10. Flow activated paddle style magnetically coupled flow switch, sensitive to flows as low as 1 fps, mounted on piping and interconnected to time delay relay to shut down pump on no-flow conditions, time delay relay adjustable from 0 to 5 minutes.
  11. Pump system shall be mounted on a structural aluminum skid with mounting flanges on front and back to allow for mounting of skid to concrete pad. Skid equipped with pipe support on suction and discharge piping. All nuts and bolts and washers to be heavy zinc coated steel on skid and piping. Skid shall include mounting hardware for integral aluminum enclosure.
  12. The system enclosure shall be vandal and weather resistant, marine grade aluminum alloy 5052-H32 construction with rectangular punchouts for viewing and heat dissipation. The enclosure shall be low profile hinged top design with padlock provision. The cover shall be secured to the concrete pad with stainless steel hardware.
  13. Pump Assembly shall include the following checked options:

  1. The services of a factory representative or trained service professional shall be made available on the job site to check installation and perform the startup and instruct operating personnel. A startup report containing voltage and amperage readings, suction and discharge pressure readings, estimated flow conditions, and general operating characteristics shall be submitted to the Owner.
  2. Four sets of operating and maintenance manuals shall be provided to the owner after startup and shall include parts manuals for major components, performance curve for pump, general sequence of operation, and electrical schematic for control panel.