Irriboost ® Standard Booster Systems:
Barrett Engineered Pumps offers their own line of packaged simplex water booster systems designed for irrigation systems on applications such as parks, recreational areas, ballfields, commercial buffer zones, anywhere the existing water pressure is insufficient to operate the irrigation system.
IrriPrv Irrigation Booster Systems -
Barrett Engineered Pumps also offers systems for those areas where it is important to maintain constant discharge pressure to the irrigation system. For those situations, Barrett Pump offers hydraulically actuated diaphragm style pressure regulating valves which are able to maintain constant system pressures to within 2 psig, irregardless of flow rate.
IrriPress Irrigation Booster Systems -
Pressure Sequencing with Storage tank to maintain a minimum allowable system pressure when pump is off. This type of system is used when existing inlet pressures are lower than 10 psig, such as when the pump system is fed water from an adjacent storage tank.

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