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IronHeart Features


All IronHeart Systems feature constant speed, CIBF end-suction centrifugal pumps, with wear rings and sleeve mounted mechanical seals. Maximum working pressure is 175 psig.


Each high-efficiency motor meets NEMA standards and is built with a full Class "F" insulation system, but rated at Class "B" temperature rise at 1.25 service factor.

UL Labeled Power and Control Panel

UL Labeled NEMA 1, 12, 3R, or 4 Control panel with:

Through door disconnects, magnetic starters with 3-leg overload protection, fused control circuit transformer, control power light, pump indicating lights, multiple-position selector switches, low suction shut down with visual alarm light and dry contact, automatic 24 hour alternation of lag(s) pump(s), pressure switch pump sequencing with minimum run timer for each pump, pump start delay timer for each lag pump. All the above are factory prewired and tested in accordance with the provisions of national electric code. The complete assembly bears the UL Listing mark for industrial control panels.

Triplex Horizontal IronHeart Type C

Electrical Options

Programmable Logic Controller, Panel Mounted Digital Flowmeter, Paddlewheel Flow sequencing complete with low system pressure circuit, individual pump elapsed time meters (ETMs), electric temperature probe for each pump and common solenoid purge valve to protect pumps operating at shutoff, alarm horn with silence button, high-system alarm with time delay, high-suction with energy saving mode light and time delay, Maxi-Store flow switch to limit ON-OFF cycling on low flows.


Each system contains panel mounted pressure gauges for tank, system, and suction pressure, when applicable.

System Control

System pressure is maintained by fully epoxy coated pilot-operated, diaphragm type, combination pressure regulating and nonslam check valves-one per pump. If constant system pressure is not required, pump check valves may be substituted for the pressure regulating valves.

Duplex Vertical IronHeart Type A

On-Off Operation

The key to the system is the proper application and use of SyncroFlo's DuoPhase concept which allows complete pump shutdown during low-flow conditions.

A flexible membrane separates air from water and the permanent air precharge eliminates the need for a compressor and troublesome air volume and level controls. The system pressure always remains constant. For low pressure applications a 109 gallon tank can be used. This tank has a maximum operating pressure of 100 psig. For high-pressure applications, either remote mount the Model 109 or use Model 120, 125 psig ASME rated, or Model 170, 200 psig ASME rated HydroCumulator tank adjacent to the system.

Factory Prefabrication

The entire booster system is shipped factory prefabricated on a common structural steel stand with all interconnecting piping and wiring completed and operationally tested prior to shipment. Complete package is available in either horizontal or vertical configuration and also includes a full port ball or lug type butterfly isolation valve on the suction and discharge of each pump. Galvanized steel or optional type L copper or stainless steel suction and discharge pipe manifolds, as well as tubing with shut off cocks for gauges and pressure switches, are furnished assembled. The only field connections are system headers, tank tubing, over-temperature protection drain, and one power connection.

Duplex Horizontal IronHeart Type A

Factory Test and Certification

Every IronHeart system is ETL listed and LA city code approved. Each water pressure booster system and its component parts will have a complete electric and hydraulic test prior to shipment. Testing includes a SYSTEM operating flow test from zero to 100% design flow rate under specified suction and net delivery pressure conditions. Optional X-Y plot test report is available.


SyncroFlo's worldwide factory trained service network performs on-site start-up and operational instruction for each system.

IronHeart Type A

Includes a Model 170 tank or optional Model 120 to allow lead pump to shut down during low-flow conditions. The stored water is used to handle these off-hour demands. During high usage, one or more pumps operate as required.

Triplex Vertical IronHeart Type C

IronHeart Type B

System is designed for ON/OFF operation with a remote tank mounted near top of the building.

IronHeart Type C

System is designed for situations where building flow requirements are continuous and a tank is unnecessary.

IronHeart Design Sheet

A. System Water Pressure Check

Because city water pressure is sufficient to handle the needs of many buildings, first determine if a booster system is required.

Static Head (elevation in feet x .433 psi/ft)

(metric calculation: elevation in meters x


Piping Friction Loss (5 - 10% of static head) __________
Pressure Required at Highest Outlet __________
Required System Pressure (1 + 2 + 3) __________
Subtract Minimum Suction Pressure __________
Total (4 minus 5) __________
Add internal pressure loss __________
Required Pump Differential (boost) pressure (6 + 7) __________

B. Fixture Flow Units

If a booster system is required, use this form to determine peak flow capacity. Do not include fixtures handled by city pressure (e.g. lower floors).

Fixture Type Occupancy Load in Fixture Units Number of Fixtures Total
Bathroom Group F.V. Private 8 x _____ __________
Bathroom Group F.T. Private 6 x _____ __________
Bathtub Immersion Public 20 x _____ __________
Water Closet F.V. Public 10 x _____ __________
Water Closet F.T. Public 5 x _____ __________
Urinal - Pedestal F.V. Public 10 x _____ __________
Urinal - Stall or Wall Public 5 x _____ __________
Lavatory Public 2 x _____ __________
Kitchen Sink Public 4 x _____ __________
Service Sink Public 3 x _____ __________
Garbage Disposal, Sink Public 3 x _____ __________
Clothes Washer Private 2 x _____ __________
Clothes Washer Public 4 x _____ __________
Dishwasher Public 6 x _____ __________
Drinking Fountain Public 2 x _____ __________
Steam Tables Public 1 x _____ __________
3/4" Hose Connection Public 6 x _____ __________

C. System Flow Load

Fixture Units

Fixture Units

Apt./Office Hotel Hospital
100 70 80 100
300 80 90 100
600 100 100 120
900 120 125 135
1200 135 145 155
1500 150 165 185
1750 170 185 200
2000 190 200 220
3000 250 275 300
4000 300 340 365
5000 350 400 430
6000 400 450 490
7000 450 500 540
8000 490 550 600

D. Total Peak Load

Fixture Load __________
Planned "Extra" Service __________
Total Peak Load __________

E. Recommended Splits (% of flow)

Header Size 3" 4" 6"
Flow - GPM(L/sec) 300 600 1000
PRV Size 2" 2 1/2"
Flow - GPM(L/sec) 150 250

F. Model Number Selection

RPM # Pumps Model
6=3600 8=1800 D=2


A, D, M, H, K 1 1/2, 2, 3, 5, 7 1/2, 10, 15, 20, 25 A, D, M, H, K 1 1/2, 2, 3, 5, 7 1/2, 10, 15, 20, 25 3, 4, 6 H=Horiz


The IronHeart name has become synonymous with quality built, cost-effective, pre-packaged pumping systems for high rise water supply. Before shipment to the site...SyncroFlo IronHeart Booster Systems are engineered, pre-assembled, and tested at the most extensive facility of its kind.

Each system contains the right combination of pumps, motors, and electronics. And SyncroFlo accepts single source responsibility for every IronHeart system component. You can be assured, each IronHeart delivered to your site has passed SyncroFlo's unique testing and quality standards before shipment. After installation, users are supported by a network of factory trained service representatives qualified to provide on-site system service and user training.

Only SyncroFlo offers the most extensive package of PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES available, including warranties on system performance, system shipment scheduling, and site servicing.

SyncroFlo pioneered pre-assembled pumping systems decades ago. Today, our installed system base includes some of the largest packaged pumping systems ever installed. You, too, can rely on SyncroFlo.

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