Snow-Melting and Anti-Icing System for Concrete Pavement
bullet Keeps concrete pavement free of snow and ice.
bullet Keeps snow from building up on garage ramps to minimize lost business, delays or vehicle damage.
bullet Stairways free of snow and ice contribute to greater safety and convenience.
bullet Clears sidewalks to help avoid expensive soiling or damage to flooring caused by tracked-in sand, salt, and cinders.
How the ElectroMelt System Works
The ElectroMelt system uses a heating cable features a unique self-regulating heating technology developed by Raychem, and uses a blend of polymers and conductive carbon extruded between parallel copper bus wires. When buried in concrete, the heating cable is sensitive to local temperatures; when temperatures drop, electrical resistance decreases, and current flow between the conductors increases and more heat is generated. When temperatures rise, resistance increases, thereby reducing heat output.
The ElectroMelt system is easier and less costly to install than other snow-removal methods.
bullet Simple to work with—you simply “place it, fasten it and then pour.”
bullet Conveniently cut to length at the job site—no need for pre-engineered lengths or customized shapes and sizes.
bullet No need for complex concrete pours, such as those required by snow-melting mats.
bullet No need for large and expensive heating facilities, such as those used in fluid-based systems.
bullet ElectroMelt’s tough "electric orange" colored outer jacket ensures maximum protection, high visibility, and proper care by workers during installation, site preparation, and subsequent pouring of the concrete.
The ElectroMelt system is self-regulating.
bullet Self-regulating technology provides unequaled system dependability.
bullet ElectroMelt heating cables do not overheat, even if overlapped.
bullet No need for over-limit thermostats.
bullet No complex joints susceptible to damage from future expansion or shifting of concrete sections.
bullet No concerns with uneven heating, corrosion, leaking or freezing.
The ElectroMelt system is easy to repair.
bullet Damages—such as severance by a concrete saw, for example—can be quickly repaired, directly at the damaged point.
bullet Heating cable is buried within the concrete, but all terminations remain fully accessible in external junction boxes.
The ElectroMelt system is an energy-saver.
bullet ElectroMelt systems use only the minimum electrical energy required to maintain proper temperature.
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